Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Moment

I find myself:

::noticing God's glory

I love October in Georgia -the sun, the cooler days, the changing and falling leaves!  It’s my idea of what Heaven must be like.

::listening to

The hum of the electric heater and the quiet throughout the rest of the house.

::clothing myself in

I’m cozy in pink fleece pajamas.

::talking with my children about these books

The Little Man and I have been reading The Burgess Bird Book for children together and yesterday I found him reading a section from the book to one of his pet cockatiels!

::thinking and thinking

About aging.  Hubby and I both celebrated birthdays recently and it’s really hitting me that we’re middle aged. We’ve also been dealing with the disturbing diagnosis of dementia for my grandmother that has led to her being moved to a nursing home.  In addition to that, we’re realizing that my father in law is having increasing problems with his own memory that is becoming worrisome for us and that my father is now walking with a cane and not able to do things that he would like to do.

::pondering prayerfully

I’ve been having a desire to draw closer to the Lord even stronger than usual.  I find myself waking up during the middle of the night to pray and longing to feel His presence. Praying for the souls of my unsaved loved ones.

::carefully cultivating rhythm

We’ve settled into an autumn rhythm.  Waking while it’s still dark out,  getting dressed and having personal devotions, taking a morning walk with the rising sun, home for a delicious breakfast, morning chores followed by school lessons, lunch, a trip to the nursing home to visit with Granny, extra curricular activities like karate and baseball with dinner that is too often on the run, then home for baths and bit of family time before bed. 

::creating by hand

Gathering items from nature for art projects with the young one.

::learning lessons in

Healthy living. Realizing that many age related health problems could be prevented with better diet and life style choices.  Trying to make changes where we can in hopes of preventing the diseases that we see in our family.

::encouraging learning

In Math!  I would love to see an improvement in math!

::begging prayers

I always appreciate your prayers in the 3 areas that we all seem to need them – Health, Finances and Relationships!

::keeping house

I need to clean out our closets and get our warmer clothes situated.  One of the difficult things about living in Georgia in the fall is that we never know from day to day if we’re going to need Spring/Summer clothes or Winter/Fall or both in the same day!

::crafting in the kitchen

We can’t get enough fried green tomatoes.  We seem to be eating them every other day or so!

::loving the moments

I just love being able to sit on the porch and enjoy the beauty of October

::giving thanks

for family

I am so blessed to have the family that I have.

::a photo to share

2013 277b

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